David Brownstead paints in oil on canvas and watercolor on ragboard, his many subjects ranging from the figurative to floral, including portraiture, skyscapes, landscapes, pets and sports, as well as the whimsical. His two sons often inspire his work, on occasion becoming the subjects of his beachscape paintings and other imagery.

David attended the prestigious School of Art at Ohio University, listed as one of the twenty best painting schools in the United States, under the tutelage of Professor Gary Pettigrew and academic advisor, Dr. William Kortlander. Mr. Brownstead double-majored in painting and art history, graduating summa cum laude, and studied Renaissance art in Italy on scholarship, which he credits for greatly influencing his evolution as an artist and for the direction of his painting.

Mr. Brownstead is collected nationally and has been awarded commissions for national and international sporting events, jazz festivals, and other significant events and occasions. David’s work is held in many private and corporate collections, and his credits include:

~U.S. Alpine Championship Ski Posters, two consecutive years
~Winter Park Jazz Festival, two consecutive years
~The American Ski Classic/Gerald Ford Cup Race
~ Limited Edition Print for The Betty Ford Alpine Garden, Vail, CO
~The Tenth Pan American Games Commemorative Image, Indianapolis, IN
~ Greenpeace Promotional Images
~ Polio Plus/Rotary International
~Special Commission ~ Del Coronado Hotel, Coronado, CA
~ Special Commission ~ Bernardo Winery, Rancho Bernardo, CA
~ Special Commission ~ Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad, CA
~Numerous Other Business, Corporate and Humanitarian Commissions

The artist owns the Mark Daniel Fine Art Publishing Company, named for his sons, Mark and Daniel, which publishes and distributes his line of fine art prints and note cards. He paints in his home studio in San Diego, CA.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you so much for the samples of your work that you gifted me earlier today! They are very beautiful and you are what I aspire to be artistically! Without a doubt you are the nicest customer I’ve had the pleasure of helping, keep up the good work!


  2. I was so glad to learn more about your life & artwork. I’ve always enjoyed your posts in whatever form that took, but your credentials are impressive & impeccable ! Thank you for sharing Dave, I’ll look forward I seeing your future posts!


  3. Catching up! This is Charlene Eisele Lossing, just wanted you to look at our youngest daughters stuff. Just google Abbey Lossong. Not sure how we had an artistic kid, but we did. All is well in Granville, Ohio!!


    1. Charlene. I just NOW saw your massage. My great apologies. Of course I’ll look at Abbey’s site. Please let me know that you receive this message?


  4. Hello, I have had this beautiful print for a very long time. It is a watercolor in peaches with blue iris, purple violets. Looks like a part of a rock garden. It has David Brownstead signed above his printed name with a copyright of 89. Can you tell me more about it? I love it because it reminds me so much of my
    ” Nonna” and her garden. I don’t know how to send you a photo or I would.


  5. David is an amazing artist and a kind soul ~ a beautiful combination! It is clear through his many incredible images that his art captures the love within his soul ~ his love for his sons and the beauty of the world at large. I feel privileged to collaborate with him and look forward to sharing his incredible creations with others.


  6. Hi David I came across a signed thank you card that you had hand signed for someone named betty. I can’t read the name of who was giving the thank you but I wouldn’t mind getting the story behind it. It was from the 90’s and she is thanking this betty lady for putting on a tennis dinner. I would love to hear from you on this matter and I can even send pics if you want. Thank you Cory kangris


  7. Hi David!
    This is a person from the past. I managed a Floral shop for Conroy’s Flowers in the early 90s and carried your cards !
    Ran across your calendars again this week while picking up plants for SD Botanic Garden Sale would love to share your wonderful works as gifts for my crew there.for Holiday Please advise how to obtain them ?


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