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  1. Hi , a friend Sherry Bargar sent my group a
    Very pretty card to look at and said she went to school with you ! Can we order individual cards ! My supply is getting low as I am sending many cards right now !


    1. Hi Deb,
      Thanks much for your inquiry. I’m glad you liked the card that Sherry sent you. She’s a good friend.
      Yes, you can order the cards individually. Just go to my website to the card catalog tab ( DavidBrownsteadArt.com ), and take a look.
      There are a lot of designs to choose from. As you know from the card you received, the cards are printed on quality linen stock with matching linen envelopes.
      The usual cost is $3.29/card but you and your group are welcome to the Friends’ cost of $1.50/card (tax is included). you can have free shipping with orders totaling 24 cards or more. (with the deep discount i need to charge shipping with smaller orders).
      You can mix and match designs as you please.
      Have fun looking at the catalog. Just an FYI, i own the publishing company and it’s named for my sons Mark and Dan. They’re grown now and engaged, but i was a single dad when they were growing up and i renamed my company in their honor.
      if you decide to order, please send the order to me via email or text : DavidBrownsteadArt@gmail.com ph: 858.663.3929
      Hope to hear from you. Stay safe and healthy.
      Best, David


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